AA Battery Chargers

All battery chargers in this section are capable of charging AA batteries.  In most cases, each charger is also capable of charging other battery sizes (such as AA and AAA batteries).

Maha Powerex battery chargers are best of breed and rival all other battery chargers on the market to date. All battery chargers are supplied with an industry leading 3 year limited manufacturers warranty

The Maha PowerEx smart battery chargers use microprocessors to monitor the Delta V, peak voltage, dT/dt (temperature rise) of each battery battery as they charge.  This dynamic and realtime monitoring provides just the right amount of power to fully charge each battery without overcharging.  They also use unique pulse charging algorithms to provide maximum charge capacity to rechargeable batteries, and at the same time, the pulse charging conditions the batteries to maximise the life of the batteries.  The advanced technology provided inside Maha Powerex chargers is significantly more advanced and comprehensive than an "average consumer" battery charger, such as those available from your local electronics store, or the supermarket.  


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